Our story

Acorn Drainage was started as an offshoot of a family landscaping business Acorn Landscape Gardening

As landscapers we were constantly faced with gardens with poor drainage and customers asking if we can help bring their garden back to a usable state. 

With most companies either too big or not qualified there was a clear need for a new type of drainage company which focuses primarily on existing residential gardens and grounds. 

Through constant improvement and making use of the latest technology we provide tailored and innovative drainage solutions for homeowners and small companies around the North West of England.

Processes and systems

We systematise all of our work and planning for predictable reliable results

Research based

We conduct research so we know what works and what doesn't

Expert installation

Trained and experienced staff managed by custom built systems

Expert results

All of our work is planned and managed by experts. We use the latest technology and machinery to ensure that everything is where it is supposed to be and functioning the way it should. 

This knowledge has been gained over year of experience and through thorough research in to all things drainage.

Ground mapping

Unlike many smaller companies, we believe that humans work best when aided by computers. We use our modelling software to show you exactly what you can expect from your drainage and to make sure everything works exactly as it should.




Project management



Design and systems