How the drainage service works

This is a general guide to understanding the different drainage solutions on offer and which one is right for your garden. The fixed price drainage solutions are designed to work for 90% of the garden we come across. 

They have been designed based on data and observation of many garden drainage issues. If you have a garden drainage issue which doesn’t fit into any category then please get in touch for a bespoke solution.

There are 3 main types of drainage problems: Boggy ground, waterlogging and flooding. Each type of issue needs a different drainage solution. 

Boggy ground

Boggy ground is a lesser form of waterlogging which is typically restricted to around 30% of the garden. Boggy ground will have one or more smaller areas which take a long time to drain. 


Waterlogging is much the same as boggy ground but on a larger scale. If 50% or more of the garden is wet, puddles in the rain and takes a long time to drain then you have a waterlogged garden. 


Flooding is when large pools of water build up when it rains and take hours or days to drain. Flooding can be anything which is over 1 inch deep or spreads over 1.5 meters at its widest point.

There are 3 levels of service for each category of drainage issue: Essential, advanced and completed. The right solution for you will depend on the issue, your budget and the degree to which you need the issues fixed. 

Here is a brief outline of the different levels of service


The essential package gives you the drainage capacity that you need for the majority of wet weather conditions we currently see in the UK. 

For some issues this will be enough to completely solve the drainage problem. For others you will need to move up a level.  


The advanced package gives you a massive improvement in drainage speed and capacity. It is for those that want to know the issue isn’t coming back any time soon. 

The advanced package gives you the largest improvement for the money. It aims for full coverage of the affected areas and reasonably quick drainage for a dramatic improvement. Giving excess capacity to handle most weather that the UK can throw at it. 


The complete package is for those that want the best drainage possible. The complete package goes one step further than the advanced package and uses more concentrated drainage, surface replacement and other methods to ensure your garden dries fast all the time

The prices shown are based on a 40 square meter garden (average in most new builds) . If your garden is smaller or larger than this we can scale every solution to meet your needs.

How we fix a drainage issue depends on the issue itself and the environment it is in. In depth articles on each topic will be up on the website soon if they are not already

The preferable option when installing drainage is to keep as water as possible on site using soakaway crates. This is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the alternatives and is always what we consider first. 

Soakaway crates work well for boggy gardens and smaller water logging issues however they have their limits. When a soakaway fills up it essentially stops working until water has drained out of it. 

For many drainage issues there is simply too much water for a soakaway to absorb so the next option is moving the water off site using drainage channels and pumps. 

Soil composition can be another major barrier to good drainage. Altering soil composition alone usually does little to help however when combined with other types of drainage it can dramatically improve drainage speed.

Our work is always good quality and we back that with our guarantee. All of our drainage work comes with a minimum 2 year guarantee, the complete packages come with a 5 year guarantee. Guarantees can be extended from 2 to 5 years for a small fee.

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